Where Can I find a Trustworthy Professional Locksmith to Install My Home Safe?

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We all own something precious that deserves more security than the dresser or drawer can give us. They are extra precious (sometimes extra private) that we need a safe to lock it away in. Your expensive wristwatches, jewelry, documents, cash stashes, etc. That’s why we have safes.

God forbid our safes to fail us. And we lose our precious items. Nobody wants that. That is why we understand how absolutely important this is to you. You want to choose the best, most durable, and affordable safe. You want the best and most trustworthy locksmith professionals to install your safe for you.


Where do you find a trustworthy professional locksmith to install your home safe?

Is it easy to find a professional to help you with this?

Can you trust the professionals you find on the internet? As a matter of fact, under careful scrutiny, you can trust those who prove themselves trustworthy. Except you want to safely stash away the Queen of England’s crown, you are good to go.


How to get the Best Safe Installation Service

From the installation of safes & vaults to its maintenance, you require the services of a professional so that your safe could actually be just that – safe. You see, it’s easy to get things wrong with safe & vaults installation.
That is why it’s no surprise that one of the major things people call a locksmith for is when it has to do with safes and vaults.

  • Have you lost the combination to your safe?
  • Do you have the combination but your safe won’t open?
  • Do you need to change the combination to your safe or vault?
  • Are you thinking about buying a fire safe or burglary safe for your home or business?

Your Peace of Mind is our Goal

Whether you need to securely store jewelry, documents or something special our safe and vault experts can help you. For over 18 years, a diverse array of clients including financial institutions, government agencies, and commercial organizations have trusted Advanced Lock Service to protect their assets.

Hire Qualified Professional Safe & Vault Locksmiths

Come in to our shop or let one of our locksmiths in phoenix come to you. The Advanced Lock Service fleet has 2 safe and vault vans specially equipped and ready to be dispatched to your location quickly. Whether you need your combination changed or a new safe installed our professional safe and vault technicians can help you today.

  • We Sell and Service Most Major Brands
  • Our Mobile Lock Shops Come to You
  • Fast Response Time
  • Free Estimates
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We assure you of the best home safe installation service. You won’t have to look over our shoulders to ensure we’re doing the right thing, because we always are. We have the track record of successful projects we’ve worked on for our clients in the past. Happy clients who are excited to recommend our services.

We’ll help you keep your valuables safe, so only you can get to what you hold dear to your heart.