What to Do After a Break-in at Your Office

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If you just experienced a break-in at your office, it’s normal to feel tense and traumatized. A break-in comes with shock and the inability to figure out what the next line of action is. What’s more, is, it creates a feeling of insecurity among other employees in your workplace. 

To help you make the right decisions after experiencing a break-in at your office, here are eight surefire ways to help you manage the entire situation.


Step 1: Contact the authorities

Immediately you notice a break-in, contact the authorities right away. While you do, you must stay calm. Don’t walk into your office in case the burglar might be inside. 

When calling the police, provide necessary information such as your name, address, and everything you remember about the situation. 

Avoid raising alarms that may notify the burglar of your presence. Wait for the police to inspect the building before you enter. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, find a safe place close to your workplace to stay. 

Step 2: Check for stolen valuables

After ascertaining the absence of the burglar, you can check your safe if any valuables were stolen or damaged. Make a list of the things stolen, as this is needed when you file an incident report for the insurance company. You can create an inventory folder that will contain the list of the damages, the approximate value, and a description of each. 

For stolen devices, you can speak with the police if there’s the possibility of tracking and recovering them. Also, you might want to make a separate copy of this list for your insurance company. 

Step 3: Investigate your premises

If you use modern security systems, you can obtain CCTV footage from the security department. If you don’t have it installed yet, now is the best time to do so. Although it’s quite expensive, you have the assurance of tracking movements around your office premises.

Once you have access to the footage, check the video record ranging from the time you left your office to your time of arrival after the break-in. If you have a CCTV camera outside your office building, you might want to review unusual activities around the office during the time of the incident. 

Here are a few questions that you might want to affirm from the incident: 

  • Were there temporary staff/visitors in the building when the incident occurred? They have likely visited your office to familiarize themselves with the security systems. Check out for suspicious activities if any of this ever happened. 
  • Who was the last person to leave the office? Sometimes, other employees can misplace their keycards or keys to the locking system of the building. Follow up with other workers to know if they experienced any of this.
  •  Were there any unidentified people in the building? If so, you need to look further into the activities of the person. Check if the person entered the building during the closing hours.

For detailed analysis, you can give the authorities access to the security footage. Because of their expertise in handling such cases, they are likely to get relevant information from it. 

Step 4: File an official report

For more investigation, you must file a police report. This is a necessary step as it is required as proof at the insurance company.

Step 5: Contact your insurance company

When incidents like this happen, an insurance cover saves you from unplanned emergency expenses. If you don’t have insurance cover, now is the best time to do so. 

If you do, follow these steps to have your valuables recovered. 

  • Call the insurance company within 24 hours of the incident.
  • File an insurance claim. You can simply get this by contacting your insurance company. 
  • Collect the list containing all damaged and stolen.  
  • Submit the insurance claim together with the list of stolen valuables.

The insurance company may send a claims adjuster to verify the damages. Ensure you leave everything untouched till this happens. 

Step 6: Re-access the security systems

This is the most vital of all the steps listed above. Once your office has bulged, it signifies the need for advanced security systems. First, access the loopholes in your current security system. Evaluate the exact part of the buildings where the burglar was able to enter. 

Fix damaged locks, windows, etc. For advanced security, it’s advisable that you hire security guards who will watch over your premises after closing hours. You can also buy a secure safe where you can put your valuables. 

Step 7: Protect your accounts and your identity

You will be interested in preventing thieves from accessing your bank accounts and documents. If your credit or debit cards were stolen, call the bank immediately to cancel them.

For devices containing relevant information such as account or login details, remotely erase the data if possible. You can call the account providers for advice. And, if vital documentation has been taken, such as your passport or driver’s license, contact the relevant government authorities.

Step 8: Replace damaged properties

Research reveals that 58% of office break-ins are a result of forceful entry. It’s likely to have broken windows or doors. Before you contact the insurance company, ensure you take pictures of These damages as proof. After you have handled the insurance claims, you can start taking steps to return your office to order. 

Invest a few bucks in hiring an expert commercial locksmith to fix broken locks. You can also contact a contractor to fix broken window panels or other damages in your office.

In cases where there are no forceful entries, the bugler might have access to the key cards or passwords. Change all passwords and remove unauthorized access to keyless door locks. If the intruder had carted away with laptops and other electronic devices, invest in a reliable, safe document management system.

Step 9: Notify other employees 

It is advisable to communicate with your colleagues when a break-in happens. While this can cause tension in your workplace, try to reassure them by unveiling your strategy to improve the security system. Reassure them of the steps taken to improve the security in the office. 

A break-in is a traumatic experience. If you still feel overwhelmed in this situation, you can follow our tips to ensure your safety. However, you can contact us to decrease the likelihood of a break-in. We will advise you on crucial preventative steps that will undoubtedly spare you from many of these scenarios.

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