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Imagine being caught in that frustrating situation when you lose your keys but you don’t have the time to spare in looking for it. What’s even worse, even though you are running late for something or you’re about to lose a lot of money in business, you still cannot find the key. It is lost somewhere in the city that you’ve just been to, and when you go back to check, you still can’t find it.

Every second you spend thinking about what to do and how to solve the problem without losing any more time and money, you are still losing time and money.

What is the quickest solution?

“Somebody please tell me!”

Oh, yeah. We will tell you. You probably thought of it, but lost that train of thought in the frustration and confusion.

Get a Duplicate

Get your duplicate keys done by Advanced Lock and Key locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ.

You want reliable locksmith professionals to help you in this regard. You need someone you can trust, technicians who honestly care about your safety and what you to get back to your schedule as quickly as possible.

Our Phoenix Locksmith Services are the best for making key copies at affordable rates near you.

How to Find Quick Key Copies and Key Duplicates Service

Having a spare key to avoid emergency situations in the future is a good policy. But what if you are already caught in a frustrating situation? How can you find help?

At Advanced Lock Service, we have over 2,500 different kinds of keys including:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Automobile
  • Padlock
  • Gate
  • Storage Unit
  • Office Equipment
  • Master Keys
  • And Much More

Avoid paying high dealership prices for a copy of your transponder “computer chip” key or high security “laser cut” car keys. We can duplicate and program the same keys at a fraction of the cost.


We also offer designer house keys. From your favorite sports team to your favorite Disney character, a designer key helps stand out on your key ring, providing you safety with a quick entry instead of fumbling to find the right key.

Don’t rely on keys cut by unskilled employees at a hardware store or grocery store. Our professionally trained locksmiths use precision calibrated key machines, perfect for ensuring that your key copy is cut with extreme accuracy.

Pick up your phone and dial our number: (602) 336-8670. We are always happy to help.

Rekey Your Locks

Many people throughout the years have always contemplated changing the locks, very If you actually go through with it. If this is something that you were about to do, you are not alone. We get calls on the daily of customers wanting to rekey their locks for numerous reasons.

The reason people tend to not want to change their locks is because of the price. Changing your locks and upgrading your current lock system can be costly. But something that you can do that is almost just as effective would be to rekey your locks. Now, to some, this task might sound like a lot. But rest assured it isn’t.


All it takes to help you get a little more peace of mind is to alter the current lock that is there which in return will require a new or different style of key. Upon doing that we could also have new keys made for you on the spot. Easy right?

Well then, stop taking the chance and make the right call today here at advanced lock service we have been taking care of the valley day in and out for the past 26 years. We take pride and love making our clients feel like they’re at home again. If you are ever in need of any type of locksmithing service, feel free to give us a call one of our professionals would love to answer any of your questions!

Locked Out With No Keys?

We all know that getting locked out Can suck pretty bad. Especially when you haven’t lost anything, a common area that some older model cars can make is having the lock get stuck in the lock position. Leaving you confused and stranded wherever you are parked. This call comes in more often than not and as a frequent flying issue keep reading to see just how often this happens.

The first main issue with your luck getting stuck in the lock position could very well be broken connections. If your car door is stuck in the lock position there should be some sort of internal connector to the door latch that went out. The connector connects to a door lock cylinder, which keeps it in the correct position. This may be a little time-consuming because this will require the door to be taken apart and inspected. Yes, there are common points that tend to go out more than others in our train professionals have the eye to see just that.


The second most common reason for this issue is grime or rust, causing it to jam. Besides, having a key stuck in the lock or a connector going out, a lot of dirt and dust can build up inside of your door, causing the lock assembly to malfunction.

An easy way to identify if it’s a connection or dirt would be to press the unlock button and see if you hear anything. If you hear it trying to open, the chances are it’s just stuck and will be a very easy fix. Ways to prevent that would be to lubricate the assembly and try to have it moving again. You can also give it a deep clean in the future to help prevent this common locksmithing call.

The third but worst-case scenario would be your car was involved in some sort of auto accident. If your car has suffered structural damage and been hit on the door, the latch not working or being bent is a common issue. And many things come into play when we work with certain vehicles.

If you are in the valley and ever find yourself struggling with this type of locksmith issue, please feel free to give us a call. If it’s residential or commercial, it doesn’t matter. The professionals at advanced lock service have your back and will continue to for as long as we’re around!

We have been in business for the past 26 years and counting and don’t plan on stopping. Look no further, your best choice is right here. Give us a call. We are the most fast, affordable, and professional emergency lock service in town