The 5-point Lock for Better Security

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The 5-point lock is one of the multi-point locks that allows for more secure and efficient locking. In fact, the installation of this type of lock has many advantages: many locking points, optimal protection against break-ins, very good thermal insulation depending on the model you choose, and several other advantages. In this register, we make this article available to you to tell you about the virtues of this lock, a guarantee of security.

The 5-point lock: for maximum security

The 5-point locks have 5 bolts which are distributed from top to bottom at the edge of an entrance door. In fact, they can sink either vertically or horizontally. These bolts allow the door to be locked more effectively than a normal lock (5 anchor points).

Thus, the 5-point locks allow you to benefit from maximum protection against intrusions and burglaries. On the other hand, care must be taken in the choice of the door to ensure better operation of the lock. In fact, 5 point locks are not suitable for light doors.

What types of 5-point locks should be preferred?

Regarding the 5-point locks, these are available in 3 models (recessed, built-in, wall-mounted) at market level. We advise you to choose the built-in model which differs from other locks by its direct integration into the front door and by several other virtues:

  • The built-in lock is perfectly visible and is characterized by the good distribution of the bolts from the top to the bottom of the door.
  • No drilling is necessary to install the lock.
  • It is the most aesthetic and the least expensive model.

What type of opening to choose?

The locks that appear on the market can be opened by several means: card, key, fingerprint, code, Smartphone, etc. You can choose the opening that suits you the most.

What are the advantages of a 5 point lock?

5-point locks have several advantages. You just have to choose the model and the type that fits well with your door:

  • Maximum protection against intrusions
  • Certified models have a very long life, more than 12 years
  • Have very good thermal and sound insulation
  • The majority of 5 point locks are of superior quality. They are A2P certified 
  • Can be installed on many supports (PVC, wood, aluminum, etc.)
  • Can be installed on any type or model of door

What are the disadvantages of a 5 point lock?

Among the disadvantages of 5-point locks we find:

  • Some models are not very aesthetic
  • Does not strengthen the strength of the door
  • It takes a professional locksmith to install it
  • Not suitable for light doors
  • The cost of some models can reach 900 euros

How much does a 5 point lock cost?

According to several criteria (level of security, solidity, aesthetics, model, certification, finish, etc.), the cost of a 5-point lock varies between $100 and $1000.

Do not forget to choose the A2P standardized models for more security and for more efficiency and to use a good locksmith to carry out its installation in a correct and durable way.