Smart Locks: What You Must Know Before You Buy

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What You Should Know About Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming popular these days. In the period they were introduced, homeowners were not really sure about them. After all their old keys still worked well and there are upgrade systems for their locks. Anyways smarts locks are the real deal. They just don’t provide you with safety, they also provide you with comfort, efficiency, and convenience.

Smart locks have very cool features. For example, for some smart locks, you can unlock your homes from quite a distance. It is really cool. Think about this; you go over to your neighbors and your cousin comes visiting, the door is locked. She calls you to tell you she’s at the door, you say “hold on” and press a button on your key. The door opens, she goes in and makes herself at home. That’s cool, isn’t it?  Smart keys do that. How are they able to do that? Let’s see all we can about smart locks.


Features of a Smart Lock

Well, smart locks are locks. After all, they all work to prevent unlawful entry. While traditional locks do this manually, smart locks do this using wireless communication. This means you can operate them using your smartphones. Smart locks are able to receive the signal from the devices that operate them.

A smart lock is made up of two main parts; the hardware and the software. These two parts have to work together for the lock to function. The hardware consists of the key, the lock itself and the deadbolt, that is all physical parts of the lock. The software consists mostly of all the wireless networks involved in the lock mechanism. All parts work together.

Smart Locks: How They Work


Smart locks combine the features of bothering the software and the hardware parts of attendees lock to function. If your smartphone makes use of 256-bit encryption codes, it can control your smart lock. Electricity or battery is needed to power your lock. So,  when a signal is sent from your device, it prompted the lock into locking or opening. With your smartphones, there are other functions you can perform such as temporary unlocking, unlocking from quite a distance and generally being able to keep track of your smart locks.

Why Get a Smart Lock

Smart locks are secure and they are also cool devices to install in your homes. The ease of usage and convenience is second to none. Let’s see five benefits of using a smart lock.

  1. You can keep track of who goes in and out of your home by time logging.
  2. Since you may use your smartphones to control your locks, you don’t have the problem of losing your keys.
  3. You have more control over your home. This is because you don’t have to give spare keys out to other people, you can open from any location, so you alone can give the authorization for entry into your home.
  4. You can use your smart lock homes to control other electronic features in your home like the thermostat.
  5. You can control your locks from any remote location.

If you have any concerns about smart locks, you can share with us at Advanced lock services. We are glad to be of help to you and answer whatever questions you may have.