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Residential Lock Rekey Service In Phoenix

It’s hard to overstate the importance of locking doors. Door locks are essential to our personal safety and privacy as well as the security of our personal assets and belongings. It’s a big deal when our locks break, or we lose the key, or when we’re moving into a new home. 

When these things happen, homeowners have two options: rekey home locks that are existing, or replace their lock hardware. Let’s look in depth at both options.

Rekeying vs Lock Replacement

Lock rekeying is best performed by one of our professional residential locksmiths coming to your home, or by a homeowner who is handy with tools who can remove their locks and bring them to our local Phoenix locksmith shop. 

When choosing to rekey your locks it’s a good idea to have in mind how many new keys you will want to be made. Will you give a copy of your key to a family member or trusted neighbor? Will you hide a key somewhere safe to prevent you from being locked out of your home? Will you give a key to your house cleaner?  Count each person who you want to trust with a new key and then add one more to your total, just to be safe.

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Changing Locks

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners choose to get new doorknobs, levers, and deadbolts for their homes. Most homeowners want to upgrade the security, style, or convenience when replacing the locks on their home. In particular, smart locks that use a keypad to lock the door are growing in popularity.

Keypad locks are incredibly convenient. Instead of leaving a key under the mat, you can simply tell someone the code. If you ever need to change the code, you can usually do it yourself without any tools or costs involved. Plus, when you’re carrying the groceries, you never have to deal with the frustration of fitting the key into the keyhole with your hands full. Top-of-the-line keypad locks may allow you to control access to your home from your smartphone or tablet giving you the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Many even feature the ability to send you an alert notification when someone uses their code to unlock your door, providing you with an audit trail of who entered and at what time. But modern technology isn’t for everyone.

Many people don’t trust electronic keypad locks and instead prefer to sacrifice convenience for the security of a key-operated deadbolt. High-security deadbolts provide the ultimate level of locking security available. A top-of-the-line deadbolt will prevent forced entry by lock picking, lock bumping, lock drilling, and hammer attacks, something that most keypad locks can’t do.

Replacing locks can be simple for some people, but with so many different types of locks and doors out there, some locks can be far more complex to install than others. Many homeowners choose to call one of our professional residential locksmiths to make sure the job is done correctly.

Because our mobile residential locksmiths not only charge for labor but also the cost of the materials, changing locks is often more expensive than a residential rekey.

What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying is a process that makes an existing lock work with a new key. Rekeying is useful when a key has been lost or stolen, when someone has moved out (such as a tenant or roommate), or when you are moving into a new house. 

Some homeowners choose to rekey their homes for convenience reasons: They would like all of the locks on their home to work with only one key instead of needing to use multiple keys just to enter their home. Locks are commonly rekeyed when new buyers or tenants move into a home.

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How Rekey Home Lock Services Work

Each lock, whether it’s a deadbolt lock or a doorknob lock, features a lock cylinder. Within the lock cylinder is a cylinder plug that contains a keyhole. Within the cylinder are pins or disc (called tumblers) that correspond with the different ridges and cuts of a key. When the right key is inserted into the lock, the pins line up and allow the cylinder to turn. Rekeying the lock involves disassembly of the lock cylinder, removing the existing tumblers and replacing them with new tumblers. Replacing the tumblers allows the lock to accept a new key and no longer accept the old one. When the lock is reassembled and replaced onto the door the customer is provided with the only key designed to operate their lock.

Rekeying can also be helpful when only one or two house locks are being replaced. Our professional residential locksmiths can rekey your newly installed locks so that all of the locks in your home work from just one key.

Correctly rekeying a lock requires special tools and equipment and expensive key cutting machines. That’s why many homeowners take advantage of the professional lock rekey service offered by the locksmiths at Advanced Lock Service.

How long does it take?

A residential rekey service can take between 10 and 40 minutes per lock for a skilled locksmith. New lock installation or lock replacement can take 30-60 minutes per lock, which is one reason that lock replacement is more expensive.


Different Lock Brands

When you are planning to rekey or replace the locks in your home, keep in mind that a key will usually only work in a lock of the same brand. 

There are two major brands of lock that are available in home improvement stores across the United States: Schlage and Kwikset. There are also some other brands such as Defiant, Yale, Black and Decker, and several foreign-made knock offs of American lock designs. 

Many older homes in Phoenix were built with locks made by Weiser, Weslock and Dexter, and Sargent. But for now, let’s focus on the two most prominent brands, Schlage and Kwikset.

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Kwikset Locks vs Schlage Locks

As the two most popular brands in the US, these are the most widely available and the easiest to research and compare. Some locksmiths recommend Schlage for commercial use and Kwikset for home security. While this is true, Schlage is a perfectly sound choice to use as a residential lock, although we’d recommend against installing most Kwikset models for commercial applications. 

Since most manufacturers offer a wide range of products, the decision often comes down to the price or the look of a particular door lock and door knob set.

Kwikset locks can be rekeyed to accept a Kwikset key, and Schlage locks can be rekeyed to accept a Schlage key, but you cannot use the same key for both brands. Kwikset keys will not fit into Schlage locks and Schlage keys will not fit into Kwikset locks.

The Cost To Rekey Home Locks With a Locksmith

Most people think locksmiths are extremely expensive, but that might be because people often call locksmiths when they need emergency lockout service. Luckily, non-emergency services like lock rekey and replacement are less expensive.

Typically, the cost to rekey home locks is $150-$250 (to rekey a typical 3-door house). Honest locksmiths in Phoenix usually charge anywhere from $15 to $30 per house lock for lock rekey. In addition to these costs, most locksmiths also charge a service call fee (sometimes called trip charge) of $50-$100 to cover their travel time and costs.

Lock installation and replacement is generally more expensive, as it can take more time and because of the added cost of the replacement lock hardware.

Advanced Lock Service also offers commercial lock rekeying for our many business customers.

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