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Motorcycle Locksmith in Phoenix

motorcycle locksmith in Phoenix

If you’re like most motorcycle owners, you take pride in owning your bike. You try your best to take good care of it, and hope you will never have a problem with your keys. But, when you have a problem with your motorcycle keys, you need a locksmith with the experience and skills you can trust to fix your problem. Advanced Lock Service can provide a variety of motorcycle locksmith services and will be there quickly to remake lost keys for your bike. From key replacement to broken motorcycle key extraction and everything in between, one of our motorcycle locksmiths will take care of you and get you on your way. Contact Advanced Lock Service when you need professional motorcycle locksmith services.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

A licensed locksmith from Advanced Lock Service can make copies of your existing motorcycle key or create a new one if you’ve lost all your keys. We understand how frustrating it can be to have lost motorcycle keys or, worse, have them stolen and be left stranded, feeling helpless. We strive to get you back riding as soon as possible.

When you lose your motorcycle key or your motorcycle key breaks, then you have a big problem. You have very few options for motorcycle key replacement. You could go to the dealership for your motorcycle key replacement. You might get a new key, but it won’t come cheap. Most dealers provide services at a premium price because they need to make a high profit off any service they provide. But many dealerships don’t even make motorcycle keys and will only offer to sell you whole sets of new locks at hundreds of dollars when all you need is a new key.

One call to Advanced Lock Service will save you money while receiving superior service. You’ll get a motorcycle key replacement for a fraction of a dealer’s cost.

Don’t waste your money getting a key made from the dealer. Advanced Lock Service provides quality keys that won’t break the bank. No matter what type of key you need, when you need to replace your motorcycle key, you need an experienced locksmith who will replace your keys quickly so you can be on your way.

We make keys for most model motorcycles including tubular Harley Davidson keys.

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Motorcycle Ignition Repair

Advanced Lock Service can help you repair your motorcycle ignition. Problems your motorcycle ignition will become more noticeable over time as parts become worn. You may need ignition repair if the key is hard to turn or if the the key doesn’t easily slide into in the ignition. This problem occurs when the internal components of the ignition become damaged. Since these parts are made of metal, frequent use will wear down the metal over time and lead to damage that results in the problems you now have. An experienced motorcycle locksmith will take the ignition apart and replace the damaged or worn parts.

Rekey Your Motorcycle Locks

There are situations where you’ll want to consider rekeying your motorcycle. Advanced Lock service can rekey your locks if someone has possession of one of your keys and you’re worried that they might try to steal your bike. Rekeying your motorcycle so that the lock will work with a new key will help you avoid this situation. To rekey your motorcycle, our locksmith will remove the cylinder from the lock and use special tools and equipment to change the disc tumblers to fit a new key. when the job is complete you will have two new keys for your motorcycle.

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