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Volkswagen Jetta Key Won't Turn?

Advanced Lock Service can repair your VW Jetta Ignition.

Reasons a Volkswagen Jetta Key Won’t Turn

The most common reasons a Volkswagen Jetta key won’t turn are a binding steering wheel lock bolt, an issue with the ignition switch, or a problem with the ignition key.

What to expect when your Volkswagen Jetta key won’t turn:

One of our Automotive locksmith specialists will troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of your Volkswagen Jetta key not turning. The problem could be caused by the key, the lock, or, most commonly, damage to the ignition locking bolt caused by excessive wear and a design flaw. In addition to something being wrong with the key or the locking bolt, the technician may look for issues in the ignition cylinder. 

Advanced Lock Service Recommendations for when your Volkswagen Jetta key won’t turn:

If your Volkswagen Jetta has an automatic transmission, the ignition key and lock system is connected to a transmission lock that engages when you shift into Park and turn off the ignition (on cars with automatic transmissions). If your Volkswagen Jetta’s key won’t turn, check if the transmission is in Park. Many models will prevent the key from turning if the car isn’t in Park when turned off. Ensure your car’s parking brake is enabled before doing anything else, this should prevent the car from rolling away if the transmission lock fails (or your manual transmission pops out of gear) when your Volkswagen Jetta key won’t turn.

The most common problem causing your Volkswagen Jetta key not to turn: 

When your VW Jetta key won’t turn, the steering wheel locking bolt is most likely the culprit. If you own a key-operated (not push-to-start) VW Jetta, VW Rabbit, VW GTI, or various other Volkswagen models between 2001 and 2016, you will likely have a problem where your ignition key won’t turn. This situation is most often caused by excessive wear on your steering column locking bolt and a design flaw that prevents the locking bolt from retracting. When the locking bolt can’t retract, your key cannot be turned in your ignition.

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How to prevent problems with your VW Jetta Ignition lock and key:

Rotate your car keys regularly so one does not get all the wear. Consider getting a backup key made and rotating usage between the two keys. Or have your key replaced if it becomes too worn out.  

Keep your Volkswagen Jetta keys clean. The grooves cut into the blade of your Volkswagen Jetta key are prone to collect dirt, grime, and pocket lint. This buildup of gunk will look black in the grooves of your key and can easily be transferred to the inside of your ignition lock every time you start your car. Use electronics cleaner, hand sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol and a toothpick or old toothbrush to keep your key blade free from sludge buildup in the grooves of your key. NEVER wash your key or get it wet. Only use small amounts of cleaner on a soft cloth to help you clean the blade of your key. You can also take your key to a professional automotive locksmith near you. 

Don’t use your key as a tool, as it can become bent. If you only have one key, get another one as soon as possible. Replace the batteries in your Volkswagen Jetta key fobs every few years or if they start to lose their normal range. Keep your ignition cylinder and locks clean and lubricated.

Why choose Advanced Lock Service when your Volkswagen Jetta ignition key won’t turn:

  • We are professional locksmiths with over 30 years of automotive locksmith experience.
  • Our professional Locksmith Shop has been located in the same building since 1992. Our competition works out of their garage or the living room of their apartment. Can you find them if you need to? 
  • You will save lots of money over having your car towed to a dealership and waiting days or weeks for a repair.  
  • We offer same-day service in many cases. 
  • We come to you and do the job where your car sits, or you can save even more money by towing your car to us. 
  • Our work is backed by AAA Auto Club, and AAA members receive great rebate incentives when they use our service. 

Call Advanced Lock Service now for immediate assistance when the key to your Volkswagen Jetta won’t turn.

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