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Key Fob Programming in Phoenix

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The professional automotive locksmiths at Advanced Lock Service can program your transponder key with our mobile service at your location with no need for you to tow your car to an overpriced dealership.

Key Fob Programming Service

Advanced Lock Service provides professional car key and fob programming services to locations anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area. If your vehicle’s key fob or transponder key is experiencing issues, it may require locksmith key programming to be successfully paired to the onboard computer inside

your vehicle. Our automotive locksmiths can reprogram, replace, and copy your transponder key, fob, and car remote controls. We use key programming computers that connect directly to your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If you need a spare key for your car or have purchased a key fob online and need it programmed to your vehicle, call or stop by Advanced Lock Service for a free quote for all your car key programming and key fob programming needs.

Visit Our Shop And Save Even More!

Many key fob locksmiths in Phoenix only offer mobile service, often costing hundreds of dollars. Advanced Lock Service has a brick and mortar locksmith shop where you can come for key and fob programming for a lot less money than the mobile locksmith competition. With key programming starting as low as $65 you won’t find a better price, or better service than when you visit our locksmith shop. Come see why we’re a local neighborhood favorite thats been in the same location since 1992. Shop Hours are Monday – Friday, from 9am to 5pm and on Saturday by appointment only. Our Old School Locksmith Shop in located at 2329 W Glendale Avenue in Phoenix, 85021.

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Advanced Lock Service programs fobs and car keys for the following automotive manufacturers:

Advanced Lock Service provides a wide range of automotive locksmith services including, but not limited to:

Do you Need a locksmith to program your key fob?

Car keys can be more complicated than you think. Starting as early as 1996 vehicle manufacturers started to produce cars that required a transponder equipped key to start the engine. These days, most car keys require some kind of key programming.

How does a locksmith program my key FOB?

Locksmiths don’t program your key, we program your car’s computer to accept the unique, coded signal that your key broadcasts.

When programming your vehicle to accept the transponder chip in your key, a locksmith uses special computer programming equipment that needs to connected directly to your car’s OBD, or Onboard Diagnostic Port, thats usually located under your car’s dashboard.

How much does key FOB programming cost?

Each car is different and FOB programming ranges from very easy to complex. Dealerships usually charge inflated prices for this service, often ranging in the hundreds of dollars but Advanced Lock service can do it for less, using the same key programming tools and computers that the dealerships use.

What is a programming Pin Number?

Some brands and models of cars require a unique PIN code to be entered into the key programming computer, in oder to gain security access to your vehicle’s computer before keys or FOBs can be programmed. Depending on the vehicle, our locksmiths may be able read the pin code from your car’s computer. Some of the more complex vehicles require a PIN to be purchased from the car manufacturer. While other vehicles require our locksmiths to connect to the manufacturer’s mainframe computer to authenticate a rolling code 20 digit PIN number.

Are you a member of AAA Auto Club? 

We’re their official locksmith station. 

Since 2003 we have been the ONLY locksmith company certified by AAA to provide service to their members in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale and many surrounding areas. 

AAA members who use us are eligible to have some or potentially all of their covered charges reimbursed to them

Basic or Classic Refund Amount  – $50 of automotive Locksmith services, up to 4 times a year


Plus or Plus RV Refund Amount – $100 of automotive locksmith services, up to 4 times a year.


Premiere Refund Amount – $150 of automotive or residential locksmith services, up to 4 times a year.

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