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Automotive Locksmith Services
The Professional Skill

Automotive Locksmith Phoenix, AZ

The Professional Skill to Create Keys for any Make or Model, Foreign or Domestic Vehicles 

Including newer models that have transponder “Computer Chip” keys or high security “Laser Cut” keys.

We also offer the option of completely changing your locks if you suspect a copy of your key has fallen in the wrong hands.

And if your locks need to be repaired or replaced, we can do that too, using OEM factory replacement parts where available.

All this can be accomplished without the need to tow your car to a dealership, and at a fraction of the cost.

We Service All kids of cars!

Locked Out? No Keys? No Problem!

Automotive Lockout Service

It’s Happened to Most of Us. We’re On the Go, Our Hands Are Full, We Kick the Door Closed with a Foot. The Door Is Locked, and Your Keys are Locked in the Car!

Now What? Don’t Worry, When You Need Help on The Road; Advanced Lock Service is Your “Locksmith Near Me”.

Having Issues With Your Ignition Switch?

Ignition Switch Repair Or Replace

We Can Repair Or Replace The Ignition Switch. Or Even Customize The Ignition Switch So Your “Car Keys” Can Open Your Front Door And Safe At Home. Yup, Were That Good.

We Can Drive To You Or Bring Your Car To The Shop.

RV Mobile Units Are Our Specialty

RV Lock & Key Service

RV Mobile Units Are Our Specialty, We Can Duplicate The Keys For the RV. Change The Locks or Even Swap The Locks Out To Install A New Keyless Lock System For Your RV.

Able To Customize Special Locks And Keys. If You Are Fed Up With Managing Too Much Keys On Your Trips, We Can Make The Ignition Key The Master Key That Opens All Your RV Doors As Well.

We Can Drive To You Or Bring It Into Our Local Shop In Phoenix.

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Did Your Keys Get Stolen, Misplaced or Lost?

Automotive Key Replacement

We can help with that too. No matter the situation; your keys fell down an elevator shaft, your keys were run over by a bus, you left your keys on vacation in Hawaii, you accidentally flushed your keys down the toilet – we’ve heard it all. And we’re equipped to service your vehicle. With a quick phone call, one of our locksmiths will come to your location to cut and program a new car key. There’s no need to tow your car to an overpriced dealership, we come to you quickly and affordably.

Car Keys Can Be More Complicated

Automotive Key Programming

Car Keys Can Be More Complicated Than You Think. Starting as early as 1996 vehicle manufacturers started to produce cars that required a transponder equipped key to start the engine. These days, most car keys require programming. To program the transponder chip in your key, a locksmith uses special computer programming equipment that needs to connect directly to your car’s OBD port. Dealerships usually charge inflated prices for this service. If you need to buy a spare key or have purchased a key online and need it programmed to your car, call or stop by Advanced Lock Service for all your key programming needs.
Still having securty issues?

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