Scared Of Living Alone? Here Are Some Safety Tips For You

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Safety Tips for People Living Alone

I absolutely enjoy my alone time. I love it so much I decided to live alone. I live alone, it is liberating. People live alone for various reasons. You may love your personal space. That’s reason enough. Who wants anyone poking their nose into your personal business. Then the thought of having to deal with a housemate that doesn’t have boundaries. Having to deal with someone that deliberately eats your food from the refrigerator even after clearly putting name tags on them. Why have to deal with weird people if you can live alone.

But then, living alone has some challenges. The biggest is security. It’s important to feel safe in your personal space. It’s important not to jump at every sound you hear in the dark simply because you’re alone. There are measures you can take to completely enjoy your personal space and feel safe in it. So if you live alone, here are some safety tips for you.


It’s important you learn how to defend yourself if the situation arises. You could learn a few combat skills. You could even own a gun. But for that I’m sure you know you need a license. If you’re not comfortable having a fire arm,  you could opt for a cross bow. Either way, remember you don’t use weapons for attack, you use it to defend yourself or to ward off attacks.

An Alarm System

Install an alarm system. There different kinds. You could install the type that alerts you, the police and a security company. In addition to that, you could install an alarm system that makes a lot of noise. These very loud alarms will alert you neighbors and help will probably come faster.

I love dogs. Just to get it out there. Dogs are very good alarm systems. They bark continually on intrusion and they don’t stop until the threat disappears. They also alert you and your neighbors to signs of danger. They are cute and security conscious too. Get one.

Safe and Practical Landscaping

Flowers and hedges can be lovely. But of more importance to you is a safe house. Make sure your bushes are not high and too close to your doors or windows. It’s important flowers and bushes are low enough to prevent someone hiding behind them.

Your neighbors may have bushes close to your property, and they may not see the need to keep it low. Then you should try to establish a good relationship with them so you can share with them your safety concerns. You can even offer to have their bushes trimmed. That should work.

Motion Sensor Lights

These are like my favorite safety installments. You know how they work, they come on when someone is walking on your property. The interesting thing is it catches the criminal off-guard and his first reaction is to escape. Get this installed in your home. It alerts you and your neighbors to an intrusion.

Use Strong Security Doors

Get sturdy doors for your home. True, it may not be very pleasant to the eye but it’s secure. Most thieves are deterred by the mere sight of a door that will take some time to get through. So get a strong security door, upgrade your lock if necessary and always keep it locked. This is important as some activities you carry out at home makes you oblivious to what goes on at other parts of the house. So if you’re busy inside, lock all doors.

To live alone is as good as the need to be careful.  So be careful. Make sure you can account for all your spare keys, close your blinds at night, don’t always leave your house open such that passersby can see inside and know your neighbors.

If you take this measures, don’t fret. You’re doing what you should to stay safe. There’s no reason why you cannot enjoy all benefits that come with living alone and still avoid the the security issues that come with it.

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