March 3, 2018

Residential Locksmith Service

Running into problems like being locked out of your home could be a really hair-scattering and annoying situation to be in. Especially when you’re on a tight schedule or you just need to rest after a long day at work. In situations like this, you need the fastest and most efficient solution available. Well, Advanced Locksmith services are available to you in Phoenix, AZ.

We have 10 vans that are always mobile. So at any point in time, at least one will be 15-30 mins away from your current location. Why not take advantage of that and get out of your mess as quickly as possible?

We have a lot of services we offer for residential locksmith services.

  • Do you need to install new locks or re-key the existing locks in your home?
  • Would you like to upgrade to locks that can’t be bumped or picked?
  • Do you like the idea of a lock with a key that kids can’t lose?
  • Do you have to jiggle your key to unlock your door?

The locksmiths at Advanced Lock Service are experts in home security. We stock a large variety of high-quality locks for your home and if it’s a custom order you need we can do that too.

Come to our shop or let us come to you. Our locksmiths are trained in the service, repair, and installation of residential locks and can help you make the best decisions to fit your budget.


Whether you want to install new locks, rekey or upgrade existing locks or have a lost key remade, our professional locksmiths can do it right away.

Advanced Lock Service believes that home security is something in which everyone should invest. Let us help you secure your home and loved ones.

Call now to schedule a no obligation appointment with one of our professional locksmiths.

  • Arizona Licensed Contractor
  • Residential Security Experts


  • Our Mobile Lock Shops Come to You 7 days a week
  • Fast Response Time


Residential Locksmith Products & Services

Lock Rekeying
Emergency Lock Opening
Lost Keys Remade

New Lock Installation
Lock Repairs
Bump Proof Locks

Pick Proof Locks
Padlocks & Gate Locks

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