Multi-point Lock: What are the Advantages?

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It is no coincidence that today more and more individuals and professionals are choosing to have multi-point locks installed on the doors of their homes or businesses. This type of lock is nowadays widely preferred over the standard single-point lock, for many reasons. 

Burglary attempts are getting more common because of the holidays. Despite the fact that the pandemic is on, most people have found reasons to move to other locations. Sometimes to be closer to family because of the tough time we are all going through.

This leaves your home and business place unoccupied. Your door locks have to be equal to the task to take on the challenge of burglars making attempts on your property. That’s where the multi-lock comes in.

What is a Multi-point lock

The multi-point lock is a lock that increases the security level of the doors. Its main advantage is that it has 3 to 5 security points along the door, using a single key.

They are subjected to rigorous quality controls to quantify their resistance to opening. They are also classified according to the A2P standard recognized by insurers, which means that they have high powers of resistance to forced opening attempts by destruction.

How does it work?

Despite its intricate design, its operation is simple. It is installed along the door and frame by adding a main bolt and several additional bolts above and below, increasing the level of door security.

So if a thief manages to pick or break your main lock, it would still be protected by the rest of the bolts.

You may think that it would be very difficult to have to open and close all those locks. Do not worry! The lock has an internal system that controls the opening of all the bolts with a single main key.

What are the main advantages of the multi-point lock?

Multi-point Lock: Effective Protection Against Burglars

By switching from a single-point lock to a multi-point lock, you will be able to significantly improve the security of your home by giving your door better protection against burglary attempts. The 3-point lock in particular is recommended by both locksmiths and insurance companies, in case you want to better protect your home against burglaries.

The 3-point lock is provided with 3 locking points, which means that when you turn the key in the lock to close your door, 3 horizontal and vertical points lock the door at the same time. This type of lock can be installed on all types of doors, no matter if it is wood, aluminum, or other.

The other advantages of the multi-point lock

In addition to the increased security offered by the multi-point lock, this type of model is now in high demand for many other reasons, among which:

  • Excellent value for money: thanks to the multi-point lock, you will benefit from increased security without having to spend large sums on more complex security systems (surveillance camera, alarm system, home automation system, etc.). The multi-point lock is a small investment, but its strength and efficiency largely cushion the expense.
  • Models suitable for any type of door: if you decide to install multi-point locks, you will find a wide range of models on the market with very different styles, so you will not have any difficulty in finding a lock suitable for the style and aesthetics of your doors.
  • Very easy to maintain: as with the standard single-point lock, there is no need to have the entire multi-point lock replaced if it starts to age. You can indeed call on a professional locksmith to have them serviced and to replace only the defective parts without having to disassemble everything.

Seek advice from a professional locksmith

If you decide to have your single-point locks replaced by multi-point locks, do not hesitate to call on a professional who will be able to advise you on the choice of your models and who will take care of their installation from A to Z.

Our team of qualified locksmiths in Paris is at your entire disposal for all your locksmith work (new installation, change of lock, repair, maintenance, etc.), you can count on our know-how to install your new locks. As soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services and to request your free, non-binding quote.