Mechanical Locks and Electronic Locks: Expert Tips You Need to Know

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It is no secret that the way technology is changing by the day is rapid. Many people think that your common electronics are the only thing being modified on the daily. Well, that is wrong. Every day a lot of new companies are coming out with brand new lock technology to help improve your residential or commercial businesses’ safety. In today’s New Age, instead of your 100% mechanism lock, there are now many electronic locks.

Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of each and basically everything you need to know from an expert’s point of view.

Mechanical Locks vs Electronic Locks: Everything You Need to Know

Mechanical Locks

These are the types of locks that have been around for ages and ages. They rely 100% on the user, requesting the key to unlock it.

Some of the common pros when it comes to choosing a mechanical lock is that you need no batteries to operate it. So you don’t have to worry about changing them out or them dying on you. You don’t need a pin pad outside your door to give anyone the opportunity to access your property.

When it comes to mechanical locks there are so many new types that just about make it impossible to picklock. Of all common things, many homeowners nowadays are faced with (like bumping could be one of them). A lock bump is where someone sticks a key of just ridges into your lock and start bumping it. Pressing the pins causing them to release an open.

Now many can argue that one way to get around this common issue is to just update your current lock. If you aren’t convinced to go digital and get rid of a key then upgrading your lock to a more modern-day one is your safest bet.


Electronic Locks

When it comes to electronic locks there are many styles to choose from. They have ones where instead of inserting a key you wave a magnetic strip over the box and it automatically unlocks.

Or you could choose the style in which there is a pin pad. Using a pin pad with a customizable pin that only you and those who live in the house know is extremely beneficial. Not only does this make the problem of lock bumping away but you can also have settings set to have it call emergency services if wrong codes are being entered time and time again. Yes, this is a more costly approach but what customers need to think about is the safety of others and themselves before price.

Which one is more beneficial?

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