Lock Bumping: How to Prevent it and Re-key Your Locks

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In this new entry, we want to resolve some doubts about the security of our homes.

What is Lock Bumping?

Lock Bumping is a method of quick and easy opening of locks, it does not damage the lock and allows us to open any door with a serreta cylinder or basic security in minutes.

It consists of modifying a key in such a way that by means of a few simple blows on the modified key and a tensioner, it acts on the pins directly, and allows them to be aligned in their opening position. This technique is usually used by burglars and allows them to enter the house quickly and stealthily.

How to Protect Your Home From Lock Bumping

Due to the wave of thefts through this method, the manufacturers responded to the demand of locksmiths and have put solutions within everyone’s reach to avoid theft with this type of system.


One Way to Do This is…

It is essential to change the cylinder, protect it with a shield and invest in safety.

Items demanded by our clients:

Kaba Expert LAM High-Security Cylinder Lock

High-end cylinder and an exclusive key.

  • Certifications according to UNE 1303 standard for safety cylinders
  • Reinforcement of steel that increases its resistance to attempts to open by force
  • Duplicate keys can only be requested at authorized KABA centers after identification and authentication of the requested data
  • High-security cylinder system consisting of 22 active pins in 4 rows of locking component
TK100 Cylinder

High-end cylinder with key controlled by the manufacturer.

  • Certificate according to standard EN-1303
  • Protection against drilling, anti-bumping, anti-lock, and anti-twist
  • Alpaca pins and durability exceeding 100,000 opening cycles
Keso 4000S Omega Premium

High-end cylinder and uncopiable key.

  • 3 rows of pins with different diameter of pins
  • Pins with different forms of anti-tamper
  • Omega technology active at the tip of the key
  • Protection against drill or extractor screw
  • Anti-extraction production with CrNi steel

These are some of the best examples when it comes to protecting our homes against the bumping method.

We are at your disposal for any type of doubt that may arise.

Rekeying in Arizona

Many people throughout the years have always contemplated changing the locks. Only a few actually go through with it. If this is something that you were about to do, you are not alone.

We get calls on the daily of customers wanting to re-key their locks for many reasons. The reason people tend to not want to change their locks is because of the price. Changing your locks and upgrading your current lock system can be costly. But something that you can do that is almost just as effective would be to re-key your locks. Now, to some, this task might sound like a lot. But rest assured it isn’t.


All it takes to help you get a little more peace of mind is to alter the current lock that is there, which in return will require a new style of key.

Upon doing that, we could also have new keys made for you on the spot. Easy, right?

Well then, stop taking the chance and make the right call today here at advanced lock service we have been taking care of the valley day in and out for the past 26 years.

We take pride and love in making our clients feel like they’re at home again. If you are ever in need of any type of locksmithing service, feel free to give us a call one of our professionals would love to answer any of your questions!