Living alone can be scary, we make it feel comfortable!

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Living alone can be scary, we make it feel comfortable!

Everyone enjoys alone time, we all love it so much. But when you go out to live on your own it’s liberating. When you get to a certain age no one wants anyone poking their nose into your personal business anymore. Privacy is always desired no one wants to be violated? And who wants to live with a messy house me eats everything of yours out of the fridge if it doesn’t have a name tag? Don’t deal with weird people when you can just live alone. Now living alone has challenges and the biggest one is security. Here at advanced lock service, it is our number one goal for our clients to feel safe in their own personal environment. We don’t want our customers jumping at every sound in the dark just because they’re alone. And just like anything else, they’re always precautions and you can take to feel your safest

Alarm systems

With the type of technology that is around nowadays installing an alarm system is beneficial in many ways. you can have one where if a window is opening the control box will say “window opening“. You can also get alarm systems that call the police and security company right away if it detects any sort of break-in. It’s absolutely amazing the technology that’s available today


It’s important to always know how to defend yourself in case any sort of situation ever comes about. You could always learn a few combat skills or even own a gun. But depending on the state that you live in you need to check to make sure if you need a license or permit to own one or not. The main goal of this is to use it for defense not attacking. But we understand not every person is a gun person. Some safer things to do would be upgrading your locks and handle on your front and back door, add motion sensor lights ( which we can install) or even add a high-end security camera system. It’s camera security systems along with motion sensor lights are among the most popular installs that we get. The combination is thought to warrant robbers away and if they do break and you catch their face.

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Here at advanced lock service, we have been around for the past 26 years. Our fleet of Mobile locksmith are equipped with the greatest and latest technology to help ensure you that the job will be done right to the highest level of the profession. We are your go-to professional locksmithing company in anthem, Maricopa, Buckeye and every point in between. Give us a call at 602-336-8670. Your safety is key and we want to lock it up!