Key Stuck in Lock: Everything You Need to Know to Solve the Problem Quickly

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Is your key stuck in your lock? Although this is not a frequent problem but it sure knows how to happen at very inconvenient times.

But there is something you can do to unstick your key and be go ahead with your day. It can be done easily and quickly.

We’ll show you what to do about it — in record time.

Why is Your Lock Stuck?

When a lock gets stuck, it’s usually the cylinder that malfunctions. The pins are positioned in a way that the rotor is locked. This is why the key gets stuck.

In other cases, the pins have downright deteriorated. In most cases, obsolescence and lack of maintenance are the cause. It then becomes impossible for you to lock/unlock the lock.

What Are Some Reasons for a Stuck Lock?

It is not enough to know which part of the lock is damaged to adopt a suitable solution. You must first consider all the possible causes of wear and tear.

1. Poor quality of lock

Ask yourself about the quality of your lock. Low-end models have the advantage of being sold at highly attractive prices. However, they are not designed to last. All it takes is nothing for the barrel to malfunction. This is also why we take great care to select top-quality locks from leading brands in the market.


2. Lock is mishandled

Also, evaluate the handling of your lock. Be interested in both how often and how you perform the maneuvers. Too frequent openings/closings are in fact as harmful to the longevity of the lock as sudden movements. Moreover, brutal handling of the door (and not necessarily the lock) can also cause jamming.

3. Poor maintenance

If you are not concerned with these probable causes of jamming, ask yourself if you have serviced your lock on a regular basis. Using a penetrating oil that you can find in DIY stores can extend the life of your lock.

In addition, you must remember to have your installations checked by professional craftsmen at least once every 3-year period. If you’ve neglected this good habit a bit, your lock may be jamming up as a result.

4. Frost

This is another probable cause of your concern. In fact, the lock is literally frosted. This is a problem that mainly concerns gates and exterior doors. Note that it does not take long for a lock to freeze completely. If you live in a region subject to harsh winters, you should be prepared for this kind of inconvenience.

5. Door slammed too frequently

estimate the number of times your door has been slammed. Even if you have a premium invoice lock, repeated slamming can damage it in the long run. Because of this, the key may no longer turn correctly or becomes completely stuck in the lock.

6. Improper use of keys

Furthermore, improper use of the keys should not be ruled out. If you use it to uncap bottles or for anything other than locking/unlocking your lock, its life will automatically be shortened.

Likewise, getting the wrong key will damage the lock for sure. It is therefore essential to check which key you are inserting and above all, be sure to use keys only for the functions to which they are dedicated.

7. Door and dial are no longer on the same axis

Even if the difference is only a few millimeters, this is more than enough to hamper the operation of the lock. A visual check is therefore necessary. Or, use a square to note the gap.

8. Using a copy

Have you ever lost or broken your key? If the one you are currently using is a copy, it may not fully fit the lock, especially if its construction does not conform to the original in all respects. In the medium to long term, the key starts to get stuck. In the end, it gets stuck entirely in the lock that you can no longer use properly.

9. Impurities blocking the lock

In the case of a multi-point lock, it is essential to control the strike on the ground. This is the hole in which the metal bar is inserted to ensure optimal locking of your armored door. Dust or other impurities may be blocking the hole. It would therefore be normal for your lock to no longer work as it should.

10. Paints fell into the lock

Explore the trail of renovation. If, for example, you have redone the paint and a few drops have fallen into the lock, there is a good chance that it will end up jamming. That’s the whole point of applying adhesive or other protective material to the lock when painting.

11. An attempted burglary

Finally, the possibility of an attempted burglary should not be ruled out. It goes without saying that criminals do not have an original key in such circumstances. They use master keys, metal rods, and many other options to try to break into your home. By abusing the lock in this way, burglars cause serious damage.


What to Do to Unblock Your Lock and Fix Jamming

It’s straightforward and easy: Call a professional locksmith.

Although there are certain things you can do in this situation, the fastest and easiest solution is to call a locksmith.

And you can call us to fix your jammed locks quickly

Our fleet of mobile locksmith shops is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the job will be done to the highest possible standards.

We also perform background investigations and random drug screening on all of our employees to ensure that our customers receive the most professional technicians available.

We can set you up with a spare key that won’t jam your lock

Replacing a key to your home, business or automobile can cost hundreds of dollars.

A spare key made now is cheap insurance against future key loss and jammed locks.

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