How to replace a 3 point door lock?

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The lock is a very important piece of equipment and guarantees your safety. When it is worn out and you would be concerned that your key may be stuck in it, it is necessary to replace your lock. However, you don’t know how to replace a 3 point entrance door lock? To succeed in this job, follow the different steps in this article.


What is a 3 point lock?

It is important to know that there are 2 types of 3-point lock:

  • A 3-point lock with vertical locks arranged on the top or bottom of the door
  • A 3-point lock with side locks which are located on the bottom, in the middle or also on the top of the door

You have to choose a 3-point lock with A2P certification which is a real guarantee of confidence and quality in locksmithing. Regarding your front door, here are the possible security levels:

  • A 3-point two-star lock: this model offers a very basic level of security since it can be easily opened in 10 min or 15 min
  • A 3-point three-star lock: it offers high-end security because an experienced burglar will not be able to foil it in less than 15 minutes.

How to change a 3 point door lock?

The 3-point lock has become the most widely used equipment, in particular, because it makes it possible to reinforce the security of your door against intrusion attempts. You will need a screwdriver to do this.

  • Start by removing the door handle, then pull towards one of the two sides of this door to remove the square.
  • Remove the plates from the handles with a screwdriver and detach the cylinder to reach your 3-point lock.
  • Use your wrench to unscrew the screw on the edge of the door by making a turn, then remove the cylinder.
  • After taking out the cylinder of the 3-point lock, remove all the screws that secure your lock to the edge of your door and pull on the lock carefully to release it and not to damage it.

We recommend you buy a new lock with the same dimensions as your old lock so you can replace your lock easily. For its installation, you can screw your new lock to anchor it to the wall.

Why call a specialist?

Faced with the complexity of 3-point lock systems, it is advisable to seek the help of a Paris locksmith. If the 3-point lock is quite worn out and requires a lot of repairs, sometimes it is better to buy a new, newer lock rather than troubleshooting it.

You can buy the 3-point lock yourself and contact a competent professional to change your lock. Also, by contacting an experienced specialist in the field of locksmithing, you do not risk damaging your lock which can lead to other work.