How to Open a Door or Lock When It is Stuck

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The locks are inseparable elements in our daily lives. It is a piece of essential equipment, omnipresent in a good number of doors of a house, a car, a piece of furniture, a window.

The models are very diverse, but the main utility remains the locking and unlocking to access a room.

Locks enable closing doors or windows, in order to protect against intrusion, break-in and ensure security. However, the problem always goes to the other side of the coin and presents itself in different ways. The key may be lost, broken, or even forgotten inside.

In each case, calling a locksmith becomes an obvious solution. If there is a problem, it is better to deal with it immediately without delay.

When your locks are stuck, at what extent should a professional locksmith be called in to rescue you?

In the field of locksmithing, repairs can take different forms.


Scenario 1: Forgot keys inside

You are out and your way in is blocked. Being distracted, you forgot your key inside the apartment. It could happen to anyone and, at that point, opening the door in an emergency becomes a headache.

Several cases are possible, among which the troubleshooting by an expert is a good option. But there are also tricks that are practicable without damaging the locks.

The most used method if the door has closed without being locked is the bypass. It allows you to open it without trying to force it or destroy the closure.

But the concept of medical radiography is part of the solutions to this problem. You have to get one that you slide gently into the slot in the leaf or the doorframe. This film presses the locking mechanism to give you access. It is necessary to embed it from below so that the X-ray can touch the bolt.

However, if the problem is not solved by these two concepts, a locksmith craftsman has the necessary know-how to offer other alternatives.

It is possible that he makes a small hole less than a centimeter in diameter on the leaf to allow access to the handle or the zipper using an iron wire. Putty or filler should be used to fill the hole afterwards.

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In case the key is on the latch, the method of unlocking the entrance with a radio may also be an option. However, for some models, this can doom the whole system. It is therefore preferable to drive back the key from the outside with a wire or a specific accessory.

If the locking device is locked, the problem is more delicate and if the locksmiths cannot unlock it with a master key, they will have to force the bolt which requires the renewal of this part afterwards.


Scenario 2: Lock is damaged

For many reasons, the lock can be damaged, and no longer perform its role. Maybe yours is worn out and you never had to worry about it until today. Maybe you’ve been robbed, and it’s been unbridled.

But also that you have lost your key, and you have forced the locking mechanism.

You can make a lot of hypotheses, but each problem must be treated in a different way. Know that repairing locks necessarily requires the intervention of a professional because the security of your home depends on it.

It is possible to restore it if it is just a slight damage. By restoring the cylinder or the barrel, you do not have to change everything. However, to enhance the security of the closure device, the replacement option is preferable.

Scenario 3: Key broken in lock

Did you break the key while closing or opening the door? If by chance, the stuck piece protrudes from the hole in the closure system, all you need to do is use flat pliers or tweezers to remove it.

There is also a strong possibility that you can remove the piece of broken metal using a magnet strong enough to attract it.

In case it is possible to get a key that is almost similar to yours, just insert it into the device and try to force a little to make the piece fall to the other side. If these tips do not work, do not panic, specialists are available to take care of this kind of problem, in particular thanks to a tool like the key extractor.


Scenario 4: Lost keys

You misplaced your keys, or they were stolen. Key loss is a fairly common problem that can make you messy. Your emergency requires you to find simple solutions.

In this case, forcing the cylinder or barrel is a quick solution. An expert in the field already has the right tools and skills to avoid causing more problems for you.

In addition to the locks of armored doors, he can use a cylinder extractor or a cylinder puller to access the main system of the mechanism. This process helps him to manually activate the points and then the latch.

Once a problem arises with your home opening mechanism or when it comes to securing the home, it is always a good time to call a locksmith expert to take care of it. In addition, if the professional does not present you with an estimate before his intervention, do not hesitate to ask him to get a real idea of ​​the cost of the work.

Emergency Locksmith Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to security, you can’t afford to waste time. You need a quick response to your problem; a fast solution from a reliable locksmith. That locksmith has to be close to you to give you that speed. Hence, your emergency locksmith should also be mobile.

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