How to Keep Your Home Safe in the Summer Months

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During the summer months, many of our houses are left empty due to vacations or because we are moving into our second homes.

It is precisely at this time when the greatest number of thefts and robberies occur in most towns and cities in our country: most robberies usually occur during the day (61%), during the week (69%), and when no one is home (73%).

With this reality, any precaution seems insufficient to ensure that our home and our belongings are protected.


Alarms and other security elements to protect your home

It is estimated that currently around 1 in 5 American homes have an alarm system. In some cases, and for the peace of mind of their owners, these alarms are combined with other dissuasive measures, mechanical elements, and electrical systems that improve home security.

These elements include armored doors and bars on windows and balconies, especially on ground floors, first floors, or attics with terraces. Garage and garden doors are also specially reinforced.

Combining these elements with an alarm system, we will obtain a double benefit: the mechanical elements will make it difficult for possible intruders to enter, while the alarm will notify the police once the raid has occurred and even before it occurs.

Some security systems offer you innovative security systems equipped with the latest technology. Among them, there are 360º mobile cameras .

These cameras are self-managing and include real-time recording, speech/listening function, zoom mode, and the possibility of installation where you consider most appropriate.

With this system, you will be able to see what is happening in your home in quality images, at any time, and from anywhere from a mobile app.

How to protect your house from thieves with Alarms alarms: installation tips

The effectiveness of the alarms depends on their quality but also on how they are installed. Before installing an alarm, we recommend that a specialist technician visit your home to choose the best system based on your home and its distribution.

Keypads to activate and deactivate the alarm must be placed in the access zone. Some alarms include a duress code so that the control panel can detect that the user is disabling the system forced by an intruder. In addition, it is recommended that the control center is in a discreet location, close to an Internet connection and the electrical network.

Regarding the detectors, they must be well located to cover all areas of the property, the entrances, doors, and windows being especially important.

Finally, in larger houses, it is recommended to carry out a “zoning”, so that the security of the different defined areas or floors of the house can be activated and deactivated independently.

Tips to protect your home in summer

Before planning the protection of your home this summer, you should take into account some questions:

  • Reinforce the access doors (armored and armored doors).
  • Install a good lock.
  • Bet on double-glazed windows and with a deadbolt locking system.
  • The bars and bars are a good protection, although it is convenient that they have opening mechanisms from the inside so as not to obstruct the exit in case of emergency.

Other tips to ensure greater protection when you go on vacation are:

  • If you are going to be away for several days or weeks, check that the doors, windows, and other accesses are properly closed.
  • Don’t hide a spare key outside your home – pass it on to a neighbor or family member.
  • Try to be discreet when commenting on your absence. Avoid giving details to strangers and on social networks.
  • Inform your neighbors that you will be outside so they can detect strange movements.
  • Try to make it look like there are people at home. Someone should empty the mailbox, leave some clothes hanging, install programmers to activate/deactivate the lights or the television, etc.

Why are alarms the best option for a summer “without scares”?

While these tips can be very helpful, alarms are the best option for protecting your home from burglars on vacation because, when it comes to intruder protection, vigilance is as important as deterrence.

Of course, armored doors and bars will keep thieves away, and if it seems like people are at home, it is more difficult for them to try to enter. But these are not 100% infallible systems.

The alarms of approved companies are connected to an Alarm Receiving Center. In the event of an alarm, a notice arrives at our Alarm Receiving Center where a specialized agent will verify what is happening and, if necessary, immediately notify the Police.

We can help you install remotely controlled systems. These alarms have independent batteries, and they continue to work even if burglars decide to “sabotage” the home’s electrical system. In addition, users can see what is happening at home in real-time through an app for greater peace of mind.

Finally, one of the keys to identifying possible intruders in a home is the quality of the images. With the right alarm system, you can enjoy high quality vision systems that allow us to distinguish between a real intrusion and a false alarm.

When it comes to security, getting ahead of intruders is essential. If you want to know how to protect your home from thieves this summer, contact us.