How To Get Into A locked Safe

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Every week we get numerous calls of people trying to get into a safe that they can’t find the key to. Safes are typically in a residential or commercial setting. Commercial safes are often much bigger and more complex to get into compared to your average residential safe. Everyone thinks that a safe requires a key, but the key can sometimes be a combination that is often lost or misplaced.

Ways to unlock a safe with no key.

Like any other type of lock, you can always try picking the lock. Lock picking can be very complex depending on how the lock mechanisms are being used. Now yes, lock picking can be done by many people. But it is a tedious skill that isn’t an easy solution. Most saves like a gun safe have what is called a secure locking mechanism. This makes it more difficult and requires more tools to be able to successfully get in.

But just like any other lock picking skills, this needs to be practiced. A lot of bypass methods rely 100% on the locking bolts. Depending on the security level of the safe as well could play a factor. Higher and safes are meant to take impacts so bypasses can’t take place. Another way people try to unlock their safe without the key is to try bypass methods. Such as manipulating the safe getting it to realign in the correct position. This doesn’t always work and could take a very long time to get it too. You also run the risk of dropping the safe or maybe even injuring yourself.

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