Home Security and Locks: What You Need to Know

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There are tests to help you answer this question quite accurately. The tests are in fashion. They are everywhere on social networks, but are they really productive for people? Or do they only waste the time of those who do? How can it help us to know which artist we look like? Unless you work as a double Or which flower identifies you? If you are a botanist or your life is related to it.


In the matter of locksmith, you can take a test to detect security problems in your home, you do not have to be the owner, or mom, or dad, only that you are interested in having your belongings away from thieves. It is very simple, the tests can give you some peace of mind.

Detecting any security flaw makes you aware that you must solve it. If you don’t even know that you are in danger of being attacked by thugs, how can you effectively protect yourself? Start by asking simple questions and looking for solutions. It is not unnecessary work, however, it is very preventive, if many people did the theft statistics they would be lower than those so far.

Ask Simple Questions

When you do a test you do not have to be an expert in locksmithing, although it is worth asking the locksmiths questions to make yourself less vulnerable to thefts in your property and know what situation you are in.

How many doors open outside?

It is necessary to know how many doors exist in the property, but more importantly, it is to know which are the ones that face the outside, because those locks are the ones that must be reinforced or replaced by better ones as soon as possible.

The exterior doors are what allow to leave a building, such as the main door, the door to the garden, the terrace door or some access to the garages, even if these are a separate room, it represents an exit to the outside.

What kind of locks do you have?

It is necessary to know the type of locks that you have on the doors and bars of the place, whether they are serreta or traditional, the well-known Borjas locks, if you have Anti-Bumping, electronic or motorized. The locks are classified according to the internal mechanism, the location of these in the door and can also be classified according to the type of doors.

How many windows are there?

Not only the doors are important to make a place safe, but it is also necessary to know how many windows and if they have bars or shutters that protect it. Otherwise, bolts must be contemplated for them.

How many locks are damaged?

Make a count of the number of locks in the place, but you must see which are damaged or have any inconvenience to open or pass the insurance if they are locked or special movements must be made so that they can rotate. Fixing a lock is very negative since sooner or later they will fail.

What type of enclosure exists in the community?

A place is safe if the community where it is located is also safe, so you should be more involved in the tasks of safeguarding the properties, ensure patrols of the areas, or promote security or information work to the population about the topic.

How to Maintain Your Locks in Good Condition?

To prolong the life of your locks, it is necessary to perform proper maintenance and with some regularity, only in this way will the typical wear and tear of daily use be paused, as well as the weather evidence in the case of exterior locks.


What is a Lock, and What is the Function of a Lock?

The lock can be defined as an element that provides security, it is usually made of metallic materials, and its function is to prevent unauthorized persons from entering a certain space.

The locks protect from main doors of large residential complexes to spaces as small as a desk drawer, to name an example.

There are several models of locks, each with its own qualities, advantages, and disadvantages, which define the best use they can offer, being a professional locksmith the ideal person to suggest the type of lock that can be installed in a certain place.

Due to the importance of the locks in the security of your home, it is necessary to take care of them, since receiving the proper maintenance can offer good functioning throughout its useful life.

Locks Maintenance

The maintenance process can be done by you, but if you consider that you are not prepared to do so, do not hesitate to contact a locksmith, who will gladly perform the maintenance to all locks that require it.

The maintenance of the locks consists of starting with a correct cleaning with the help of a fine brush, which will be slid throughout the lock, including the place where the key is inserted, thus eliminating any trace of dust.

Once the cleaning is finished, it is time to grease the lock. To do this, take a small syringe, fill it with a specific oil to lubricate locks, and apply it through all the grooves of the lock.

It is recommended that this maintenance procedure be applied every 6 months in the locks of your home, especially those corresponding to the exterior door locks.

Tips to Protect your Locks

To keep your locks in good condition for a long time, in addition to performing regular preventive maintenance, you can change some habits related to the use of locks, such as

  • Avoid closing the doors with a single blow, as these knocks influence the internal mismatch of the lock.
  • Try not to place items such as towels, on top of your doors, since with this small slope that causes the door, you are forcing the lock, so that at some point it could present faults in its mechanism.
  • Leaving the key permanently in the lock may damage it.
  • Avoid using the key as a handle when opening the door, this function is fulfilled by the handle.
  • Do not use shabby keys to open your locks.
  • Never insert foreign objects into your locks to try to violate it.
  • Avoid turning the key abruptly in your lock, this ill-treatment of this security element can adversely affect the proper functioning of the lock.
  • If the key does not turn or gets stuck in the lock, it is probably time to perform emergency maintenance on your lock.

For Optimum Home Security: Here’s the Difference Between Mechanical and Electrical Locks

It is no secret that the way technology is changing by the day is outrageous. Many people think that your common electronics are the only thing being modified on the daily. Well, that is wrong.

Every day a lot of new companies are coming out with brand new lock technology to help improve your residential or commercial businesses’ safety.

In today’s New Age, instead of your 100% mechanism lock, there are now many electronic locks. Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of each.

Mechanical Locks

These are the types of locks that have been around for ages and ages. They rely 100% on the user, requesting the key to unlock it. Some of the common pros when it comes to choosing a mechanical lock or no batteries, so you don’t have to worry about changing them out or them dying on you.

You don’t need a pin pad outside your door to give anyone the opportunity to access. When it comes to mechanical locks, there are so many new types that just about make it impossible to picklock.

Of all common things, many homeowners nowadays are faced with Like bumping could be one of them.

A lock bump is where someone sticks a key of just ridges into your lock and start bumping it. Pressing the pins causing them to release an open. Now many can argue that one way to get around this common issue is to just update your current lock.

If you aren’t convinced to go digital and get rid of a key then upgrading your lock to a more modern-day one is your safest bet.


Electronic Locks

When it comes to electronic locks, there are many styles to choose from. They have ones where instead of inserting a key you wave a magnetic strip over the box and it automatically unlocks.

Or you could choose the style in which there is a pin pad. Using a pin pad with a customizable pin that only you and those who live in the house know is extremely beneficial.

Not only does this make the problem of lock bumping away, but you can also have a Settings set to have it call emergency services if codes are being entered in the wrong time and time again.

Yes, this is a more costly approach, but what customers need to think about is the safety of others and themselves before price. Which one is more beneficial.

You shouldn’t let $50-$100 affect your family’s safety.

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