Have You Recently Been Burglarized?

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Has your home or someone you know had their home burglarized before? The chances are you know somebody. And what’s even more scary is that the odds of the Intruder being caught relatively quick are very slim. Who knows what the intruder got a hold of from inside your home. Spare keys to your front door maybe? Spare keys to the car? The chances are you won’t know until you go to look for said item and it’s missing. The best thing any residential or commercial business should do after any type of breaking is immediately change the locks. Changing the locks can ultimately help increase the chances of that incident not happening again.


Here at advanced lock service we take pride in being the most professional and reasonably priced company in the valley. After incidents like this panic typically starts to creep in and so does stress. our staff is highly trained and professional and take great pride in resolving the situation at hand. Helping alleviate any stress that has already been caused. Not only do we offer the most reasonable prices but we Only offer the best of the best when it comes to your safety. You don’t want a cheap lock on someplace important. If a trained thief is the one doing it The chances are there are you is trained well enough to point out a easy target. Older locks are very prone to a illegal activity known as lock bumping. This is a easy way in and shows little to no sign of forced entry. Making it seem like they were never there.

Let’s say you haven’t been burglarized but you want to do your best to prevent the situation from happening as possible. That is when Installing a high-grade security systems around the house comes in to play. With that the odds of not catching the intruders face and getting them off the streets quicker are lower and can help prevent any further break-ins or theft. Another thing to do when Installing a security system from Advanced lock is too not be stingy. Yes a camera system that is 200 bucks works but do you really think the video coming from that camera is high enough quality to even be of help? That’s a common thing we get asked all the time. And if your safety is worth it spending a few extra bucks is too.


Here at Advanced Lock our number one goal is to make all of our clients feel safe again weather if it’s residential or commercial. We don’t want anyone living in their home or office space with fears of it happening again. The best advice that the professionals here at Advance Lock can give you is to think of your family and you. Would you want to leave them in a house of fears or work in a office of terror? You want them to feel at HOME. And that’s the reason why you’re even asking! Stop hesitating and make your home or office a safer place with 1 easy step. Call us now!