March 3, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We regularly provide service to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Anthem, Maricopa and all of the metropolitan cities and towns in between. If your location appears on a map of the valley, we provide service there.

The highest security deadbolt that you can afford. I typically see houses worth one half million dollars (and up) secured by a lock that looks like it was purchased as an afterthought. Remember, if you buy a $12 lock you have only given your family $12 worth of security.

Your alarm isn’t a magical shield that protects your home or business, despite the clever television advertising that you may have seen. Your alarm is there to tell you that the bad guys have gotten past your locks. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to smash and grab; invest in a high security deadbolt.

Yes. As professional locksmiths we respond to this type of service request many times each day. We have the right tools, equipment and key blanks to get the job done. If your locks require specialty, hard to find key blanks we may already have them in stock.

Yes. We have many years of experience opening safes of all types. While some safe opening techniques require holes to be drilled, our technicians are able to repair your safe to maintain its fire and security ratings.

Yes, some of them. We’re constantly expanding our selection of vehicle remotes. Please contact us with the year, make and model of your vehicle and we’ll let you know if we’re able to provide you with a remote.

Somewhere that only you will find it. No kidding, right? I’m not going to give up my best key hiding places since this is being posted on the internet and anyone can read it. Come buy a spare key from me and we’ll talk. In the mean time, here’s a few tips:

1) Carry a spare house key in your wallet. Most house keys are small enough and will fit just fine.

2) Consider purchasing a combination lockbox to securely hold a house hey.

3) We sell Biometric Locks (Fingerprint locks, retina scan locks, hand geometry scanners) that don’t require a key at all.

For cars, most newer vehicles have transponder chips imbedded in the plastic head. We now offer Mechanical Keys, sometimes called Emergency Keys that are great for hiding outside your car. These keys have no chips and therefore will not start your vehicle but they’ll unlock your door just fine. Worst case, if someone else finds your key, they can’t drive off with your car.

Yes. If you can’t prove that you have authorization to be inside then we can’t let you in. If you’ve locked yourself out with your wallet / purse inside then we have extra security steps that we need to take before we can let you in or make keys.

It depends. You have to satisfy our requirements that you’re authorized to have the key duplicated. This may require you to obtain a letter from your manager or another party before we can copy the key. Additionally, some keys are so restricted that regular locksmiths can’t even get the key blanks. In that case we won’t be able to copy the key at all, but we may be able to refer you to the people who can.

The short answer is Yes.

The term “re-key” means to change all of the locks so that the old key will no longer work. This is usually done in instances where a copy of your key has fallen into unauthorized hands and you want to make sure your vehicle is secure. This is a service that we offer.

Some people ask for their car to be re-keyed when they just want a new key made. Making a new key is what is usually done if you lost your key and just want another key so you can drive your car. We offer this service too.

Just remember, if you need to change all of your locks ask for a re-key. If you just need a replacement key, ask for a new key to be made.

A master key is a key that works all of the locks on a house or business. The locks first have to be set up by a professional locksmith to work on a master key system. There are many different levels possible in a key system, to include a Master, Grand Master and Great Grand Master.

And just so you know, there is no such thing as a master key that works on cars. There are locksmith tools called Tryout Keys and some corporations might have their vehicles on Fleet Keys but those are things entirely different from master keys.

Probably for the same reason that you can find the exact same new car at 3 different prices. Everybody wants your business and the only way that some companies can attract you is with a lower price. I understand shopping around for the best price possible, but are you really getting professional service? Locksmiths in Arizona come and go and are mostly run by some guy who is working out of his garage or just his van. Chances are he’s not a licensed contractor, or bonded or even insured for your protection. Is that who you’re going to trust with your family’s security?

Yes. We can make new keys for your car or even change your locks if the key has fallen into the wrong hands. We specialize in transponder “computer chip” car keys and high security, 2 track & 4 track “Laser Keys”. Advanced Lock Service is proud to be the primary locksmith service provider for AAA in Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Yes. All of our service vehicles are equipped to make key duplicates at the jobsite. We recommend that you have plenty of spare keys to keep you from getting locked out.

We currently stock two different types of trigger locks and are always keeping an eye out for new products that catch our interest. We also sell gun safes.

Advanced Lock Service is locally owned and operated and has been in business since October of 1992.