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Commercial buildings need maximum protection as it houses lots of important machines, goods, documents, etc. The doors are the first set of protection for your building. The doors used for warehouses react to the effects of winter. So, you need to maintain them properly.

During winter, steel doors freeze, rust, loosen or get damaged. It is important to have a maintenance strategy for your commercial steel doors ahead of winter. It will save you the needless cost of repairing and replacing the doors.


Check Major Areas

There are major areas that function each time your warehouse door opens. These parts of the door include the locking mechanism, the strike plate, hinges, etc. These areas need regular checking.

The regular check ensures that they work well. It also helps you detect faulty components early. Early detection saves you from problems that could arise and leave your commercial building open and exposed.

Lubricate the Locks

The lock is a very important part of any door. If your lock is faulty, intruders can gain easy access to your building. Ensure that your locks work always. Before doing so, you need to know the best practices by the manufacturer for such locks.

Regularly lubricate the locks. It will ensure that all the components are working effectively. The best approach is to spray a lubricant directly on the door lock. Use a damp rag with soap to clean the areas around the lock.

Tighten Loose Areas

Conduct regular inspections on areas that have screws. When you notice the screws are loose, tighten them immediately. Where you leave the screws to be loose, it will cause issues for you. Loose screws can cause the door to jam, sag, or bind.

Check the Screw in the Strike Plate

The strike plate comes into action every time you use the door. However, it does not move. When you open or close the door, the strike plate comes into friction with the latch. Thus, it is important the screws on the strike plate are still in place.

Regularly check the strike plate to ensure that the screws are in good working condition. If there is no strike plate, the latch would have nothing to catch on. So, change the strike plate where it is faulty.

Check the Gasket and Weatherstripping

It is the gasket and weatherstripping that prevent air from coming into the building. It gives the interior space protection against cold and odors from outside. The gasket and weatherstripping form a seal that keeps out these elements.

When they are in poor condition, cold and odor from outside would find their way into your warehouse or commercial building. During winter, the cold could affect the machinery and goods in the facility.

Also, the penetration of cold air from outside would make you spend more on energy bills. It will also make your heating system work harder than it ought to. Pay attention to any depreciation of the gasket and weatherstripping. Where it is in a terrible state, change it immediately.

Check the Hinges

The hinges are always at work each time you use the door. You need to check and lubricate them regularly. Regular lubrication will prevent the door from rusting and squeaking. It will make the door function smoothly and silently.

After lubricating, you need to check the hinge pin and the screw that holds the hinge in place. If any of them are faulty, replace them. Opening and closing the door should not be a problem if the hinge works perfectly.

Clean Outside of the Door

The external part of the door also needs cleaning. Use cleaning agents that are gentler, such as baby shampoo or dish soaps that are diluted. Using an abrasive tool will leave scratches on your door. It will also cause the paints on it to wear off.

Do not allow stagnant water to settle at the bottom of the door. If there is any, clear them off. Exposure to water and air can also cause certain parts of the door to rust. Where this happens, sandpaper is efficient at removing rusted surfaces. Afterward, use rust-resistant paint to coat the surface.

Change the Batteries

Where your door uses a remote system, remember to change the batteries. The batteries will drain faster during the winter’s cold. Bear this in mind and check the batteries often. Change the batteries immediately when winter starts. Use strong and fresh batteries. They will last longer.

Look at the Sensors

Pay attention to the sensors on your door. During winter, it is easy for ice and snow to clog the sensors and prevent the door from moving. Check the sensors to be sure they are working properly.

Check the Door Balance

A lot of times, warehouses and garage doors have spring systems. It is the spring system that balances the door’s weight. However, when the spring system reaches its life cycle, it breaks. The spring system could break during winter. So, you need to check it as often as possible.

When the spring system breaks down, repair it. While you might want to do a quick DIY on it, you should get trained professionals. They are well-trained and equipped to repair your door’s spring system.  

Winterize the Doors

Before winter starts, you need to prepare ahead. Doing so will prevent you from being in an emergency. You wouldn’t want to be trapped inside your warehouse or garage during winter.

You need access to the warehouse to get your goods or products. Otherwise, it will affect your business operation. A trapped door will frustrate your activities. Also, a door that refuses to close will expose your properties to the winter’s cold.

Insulate your doors for the winter. Also, cover all water pipes in your commercial building. If the pipes freeze, they will burst. The burst pipes would cause flooding in your building.

Fix all openings in your door. It will help to trap the heat in and keep the building warm. Doing this will also reduce your heating bill.

Need Help?

If you need help with maintaining, repairing, replacing, or installing your commercial steel door, get professional help in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact us for all your questions about commercial steel doors.