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While cameras are used on a daily basis to capture and document the happy moments we spend with our families and friends, they’ve also played an important role in security – which of course is no news to anyone today. Though a camera doesn’t do much but record what goes on in the vicinity, a significant percentage of homeowners depend on their cameras to ward off burglars. And this, of course, is achieved when the cameras are in plain sight.

We’re not disputing the idea if you leaving your security cameras in plain sight, no we’re not doing that. In fact, leaving your camera in plain sight will keep off the burglars – to a certain degree. While that is great and everything, there are cases where hiding your cameras is actually the better alternative.

Is it legal to hide your cameras?

That’s maybe the question that’s going through your mind now. The answer is yes. It’s legal to do that in your house. You should never think to hide cameras at places where people expect privacy. That is illegal and you won’t get away with it.

You can hide your cameras anywhere in your home. But you may want to hold off a bit if you’re thinking of also hiding one in your bathroom. No, don’t even install it in there, plain sight or not. You most definitely will infringe on sometimes right to privacy, especially if you’re not the only one who uses it. Moreover, it’s unnecessary, not a good idea and totally weird and unheard of.

Why hide it?

Hiding your cameras ensures that in the unlikely event that you get a break in, your cameras will not be destroyed. This will cause you to spend more money on replacing the cameras, money you would have spent on else. While this is one reason you should hide your cameras, there’s also a better reason.

Apart from not getting damaged, your camera will do the work it was made for. Break-ins occur when the occupants of the house are all away. And while it may surprise you, most burglars are aware of your security situation of the house they’re breaking into. They know if the hinges that hold your door are very strong or not, they know the best spot for entry, they know if you’ve got a dog, they know if you have cameras or not. They know all this and more and come prepared. If your cameras are hidden, they can’t damage it leaving the camera to capture their every move. This footage will no doubt be used against them.