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Leaving home alone for several hours of the day is something that Americans do daily, whether for work, studies or to do some diligence. However, many times, the necessary attention and protection are not given, and it is in these situations when antisocials take advantage to commit crimes.

Advanced Locksmith Service, they help Phoenix residents keep their homes safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus preventing a possible onslaught of criminals.

Reinforce the security of your home
checking that doors and windows are left with the latch on and that they are in good condition.
It is important to illuminate and not leave spaces that can serve as a hiding place for criminals.
Be sure to prune shrubs and any type of vegetation that can be used by them.
If you will not be home at night try to leave lights on
it will be a sign that the house is not empty. If you have a timer that allows you to turn the lights on and off every so often, use it. Good lighting, combined with a bell or siren alarm kit, is the best instrument for good safety.
Do not forget to regularly check the alarm you have installed in your home
the idea is to work and alert for when the family is not. Remember that having an alarm system failing is worse than having none. The system must be tested once a week and properly maintained.
Never leave the keys hidden in planters or under doormats, as they can be easily located by thieves.
At the same time, leave all kinds of valuable items, including the spare parts of your car, in strategic locations that are difficult for criminals to access.
If you park your vehicle outside your home, keep the doors and windows closed.
It is always advisable to have more than one security system, alarm, GPS or steering wheel systems.
Do not leave valuable items or important documents inside the car.
Any carelessness, which presents greater ease, can be taken advantage of by the thief.
If there’s a knock on your door, do not open without asking who it is
and make sure your identity.
Make a list of the important objects you have in your home
and attach them to the purchase invoices.
Do not allow access to your home to carry out inspections or repairs if you have not requested it
if you present any type of credential corroborate with the company before letting it pass.
If you have an answering machine, try never to mention your name
or give your telephone number, or indicate that you live alone, the information could be used against you.
Change the plate or cylinder when some family members or domestic service have lost the key.
Always keep track of who are the people who have access to your home.

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