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Cylinder lock

A cylinder lock is fitted with a round bolt that fits into a hole made on the wall of the door. The lock is connected to a latch which crosses the vertical edge of the door. The other main component of a cylinder lock is the interior locking mechanism. The latter can be pin, grooved or glitter.

Despite the differences between the internal locking mechanisms, the concept remains the same. Indeed, each of the disc parts of the internal mechanism must correspond with one of the key notches in order to open the locking mechanism. The additional installation of a deadbolt lock above the cylinder lock is recommended for greater protection.

There are several advantages to using a cylinder lock system. This type of lock can be changed without altering the bolting. Indeed, it is possible to simply remove the lock using a screwdriver. Another advantage of this type of system is that it is possible to operate all these locks with the same type of key. So you can install master key systems made up of different types of locks.

Options for Cylinder Lock Systems

  • In an independent cylinder lock system, a key corresponds to a lock. This is best for closets, single door desks, or storefronts
  • Cylinder lock systems operated by a single key are in common use in the residential sector. For example, the same key is used for the front and rear doors.
  • In a master key system, each lock is actuated by a corresponding key. In addition, there is also a master key which can open all locks. This kind of system is advantageous in the commercial sector. For example, the manager could have access to all places while employees only have access to the offices assigned to them.
  • And then there is the great master key system. Each group has a master key and the entire system is activated by a large master key. This system works well in apartment blocks, pavilions on school campuses, or in business parks.

How to maintain your door locks

The locks on your doors play an essential role in the security of your property; it is, therefore, necessary to maintain them regularly.

Consider that they protect you from burglary and add aesthetic value to your door.

Therefore, it is essential that each owner learn to take good care of the door lock. In this article, we give you important tips for keeping your locks in good condition. Read on to find out.

Make sure the door hangs properly

The lock will only work well if the door is hung correctly. A door well prepared for the lock is the essential element of a durable door. If the door sags or locks, it will put tremendous pressure on the latch and lock.

This could cause the lock to fail in the near future. Therefore, contact a qualified locksmith to ensure that your home door is properly hung, and that it provides space for your locks.

Check door screws and strikes

Does the screw that secures the upper hinge to the door frame properly connect the door to the wall frame? At least one of the screws on the top hinge must be long enough to connect the door to the wall frame.

This will prevent the door from sagging and increase the resistance to burglary. It is also an important commitment to help protect door locks.

Are the deadbolt and strike working properly?

When the door is closed, the deadbolt must fall on the strike. This feature is important in locks and they only work properly when they are properly aligned with the strike.

Clean and lubricate door locks regularly

Door locks require regular cleaning to function properly. Use a mild detergent to clean the locks.

It is also important that you contact a qualified locksmith for cleaning and lubricating door locks. Cleaning and lubrication are the most overlooked door lock maintenance practices.

Maintain your residential door locks with Advanced Lock Service.

With the above good practices, you can be assured that your residential door locks will work properly.