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If you are caught in one of those annoying situations where your key refuses to work on your car, then you are reading the right article.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series that began last week.

5. Internal Damage to Keyless Entry Systems

As I mentioned earlier, there are several types of keys that have their own characteristics and traits. 
The chip key establishes communication between a transmitter and a receiver, so if one of the components is defective, your key will not function properly.

If the problem is in your car’s electronics or there is damage to your receiver or transmitter, the car key will not work. 

Sometimes the elements of these electronic systems will wear out and this wear manifests itself more than often by bare, cut wires, etc. 

In other cases, damaged internal wiring can result from external damage to the chip key itself. 
These problems arise when we drop the key or it undergoes a hard shock which displaces the internal alignment of the key components.

6. The key has not been programmed

Even traditional keys must go hand in hand with a car. 
On the other hand, technological advances in the automotive industry have changed the way we see this pairing. 
Now the way car keys are paired with cars adds a higher level of protection.

This is accomplished by transmitters which are set up to facilitate the interaction between the key and the car and thereby make car protection more difficult to bypass. 

Traditional keys have no programming bugs as can be encountered with transponder keys and joysticks. 
If your key does not work with your vehicle, it is possible that this key has not yet been programmed with your car. 

It’s common to forget to reprogram your transponder key when you acquire a new one or when you make duplicates. If this is not done correctly, the functions of the key will be limited to opening your doors or your suitcase. 

7. Auto Keys from Spare Parts Markets

The car keys that you get from spare parts stores are a cheap option to replace or find a duplicate for your key. 
Before buying from this type of reseller, it is essential to understand the risks that these kinds of keys pose.

We forget to keep a clear head often when the urgency to replace a key concerns us and slows us down in our day. 

If you buy a used key and don’t reprogram it, your key won’t work anymore. Used goods stores are a good place to get all kinds of automotive items. However, keep in mind that some parts that were not designed for your vehicle require additional work to function properly. So, it is very important to make sure that your used key is programmed correctly so that it works well with your vehicle.

8. You Use a Duplicated Key

Duplicate keys are popular with drivers and with good reason. This gives you peace of mind that there is less chance of getting caught when you get stuck outside your car. You will have the luxury of sharing your keys with a family member when they want to use your car. 

On the other hand, many people do not realize that any duplication of keys reduces the integrity of the original key. 

This may seem difficult to grasp. Let me explain. Each time your key is duplicated, the duplicate you get differs from the original.  It may seem less important, but this duplication has an impact on the way your key works.

In some scenarios, you find that your car key does not work because of the difference between the copy and the original.

Having a duplicate is often a more affordable option than getting a new custom-made key. However, this is not always the best scenario for your safety.

If you find yourself caught in any of the scenarios we’ve described above, the best thing to do is call a phoenix locksmith near you to help you out.