Are You In Need Of Another Set Of Keys?

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Imagine being caught in that frustrating situation when you lose your keys but you don’t have the time to spare in looking for it. What’s even worse, even though you are running late for something or you’re about to lose a lot of money in business, you still cannot find the key. It is lost somewhere in the city that you’ve just been to, and when you go back to check, you still can’t find it.

Every second you spend thinking about what to do and how to solve the problem without losing anymore time and money, you are still losing time and money.

What is the quickest solution?

“Somebody please tell me!”

Oh, yeah. We will will tell you. You probably thought of it, but lost that train of thought in the frustration and confusion.

Get a Duplicate

Get your duplicate keys done by Advanced Lock and Key locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ.

You want reliable locksmith professionals to help you in this regard. You need someone you can trust, technicians who honestly care about your safety and what you to get back to your schedule as quick as possible.

Our Phoenix Locksmith Services are the best for making key copies at affordable rates near you.

How to Find Quick Key Copies and Key Duplicates Service

Having a spare key to avoid emergency situations in the future is a good policy. But what if you are already caught in a frustrating situation? How can you find help?

At Advanced Lock Service, we have over 2,500 different kinds of keys including:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Automobile
  • Padlock
  • Gate
  • Storage Unit
  • Office Equipment
  • Master Keys
  • And Much More

Avoid paying high dealership prices for a copy of your transponder “computer chip” key or high security “laser cut” car keys. We can duplicate and program the same keys at a fraction of the cost.


We also offer designer house keys. From your favorite sports team to your favorite Disney character, a designer key helps stand out on your key ring, providing you safety with a quick entry instead of fumbling to find the right key.

Don’t rely on keys cut by unskilled employees at a hardware store or grocery store. Our professionally trained locksmiths use precision calibrated key machines, perfect for ensuring that your key copy is cut with extreme accuracy.

Pick up your phone and dial our number: (602) 336-8670. We are always happy to help.