4 Rock-solid Auto Security Tips for the Classic Vehicle Owner

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Call them Classic cars or Vintage cars or Vintage vehicles, the fact remains: Old is gold. That is very true for these kinds of vehicles, and you know that. Classic cars are easily stolen compared to modern cars. This is simply because of their very simple security systems.

With modern cars, security systems are more complicated and stand a chance against auto theft. But for the classic counterparts, these security systems may not exist or even if they do, are outdated. Classic car thieves bask in this disadvantage.

Because of their experience, they can easily override any security system installed by the factory in a classic car. And that is terrible news for a car owner.


Do you own a classic car? If you do, I’m sure you’d want your ride to stand a chance against auto theft. We’ll provide you with some measures you can take to enhance the security of your classic car against auto theft.

1. Install an Alarm System

These are pretty basic but effective too. It alerts you to a breach. You don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of your car? Well, you could install an alarm covertly. You could opt for a standard car alarm. It’s important to note that they can be very sensitive and give off false alarms. So you could adjust the sensitivity of the alarm or have your alarm system professionally adjusted.

2. Park safely

If you have a garage, it’s important you ensure it is secure. Get a good garage door with a strong bolt. You could consider getting a good padlock too. When you leave your home with your car, ensure you park it in a well-lit area with some traffic. Do not seclude your car or park it far from your current location. This is important as it will enable get to your car in time if you are alerted to a threat.

3. Update Your Locks

The locks on your classic cars are not difficult to pick at all. If you want to secure your car, it’s imperative you enhance your lock systems.

You can have an automotive locksmith look at your locks. You may still have wanted your lock to have that vintage feel. That can be arranged. The professional will just have to upgrade the internal cylinders. This could be done for your car door and for your ignition too.

4. Install a Vehicle Tracking Device

You can never go wrong with a GPS. When other forms of security fail, you can rely on the GPS to lead you to your vehicle. Car thieves know how to disable this, especially if the device is easily accessible. To prevent this, make sure you install the GPS system separate from your alarm system. They will try their best to find the location of installment, in the same way, ensure it is properly concealed.

These safety measures are not difficult to install. Remember, your classic car is highly sought after. Safeguard it. Do not make the mistake of relying on your car’s factory security system. It can be easily overridden. Get a professional to help with your security systems installment. You’ll be glad you did.