4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Advanced Lock Services

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For 26 years, we have been the first choice for thousands in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding metropolitan area. Here are 4 reasons why our clients and customers keep coming back and why we always have new people coming to us.


1. We Serve Our Clients with the Latest Security Products in the Industry

Advanced Lock Services is glad to inform you that we use top-of-the-line products to service our customers. We believe in doing the best for our customers, where you, your beloved and your properties are kept safe by the best security products available on the market.

Geographical boundaries don’t stop us. We don’t only use products developed and produced in the United States. There are amazing security companies around the world that are doing impressive jobs in leading the security industry with their R & D constantly rolling out new and upgraded security equipment every year.

We will never use old and outdated products to services our customers. “Old is gold” is true in certain situations, but not in security. That is why Antivirus software companies are constantly updating their virus definitions.

Think of that in the context of residential and commercial security services. Every day, criminals and miscreants are getting smarter and adapting to new industry developments. We have to stay ahead of them at all cost.

That is why we stay abreast of new products by the best professionals in the industry, so we always provide our customers with the best.

2. We Offer the Fastest and Most Affordable Emergency Locksmith Services

If you are locked out of your house or lost your car keys, you need an emergency locksmith service. You would definitely need a locksmith to get to you as quick as possible so that your temporary challenge doesn’t ruin your schedule for the day. So your emergency locksmith should also be a mobile locksmith.

We respond rapidly to customer’s emergency security needs because our locksmith services are mobile.

Whenever you run into any of the lock and key challenges, call us. The professional locksmiths at Advanced Lock Service will help you fast! We have fleets of locksmith professionals always 10 minutes away from your location in Phoenix, AZ. We literally have you covered in case of an emergency that requires the services of a locksmith.

3. We Have the Most Qualified Locksmith Professionals in Our Staff

Our locksmith professionals are one of the best you can find in Arizona. They aren’t just qualified, they also have the experience to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Because chances are they are have something similar more than 100 times in the past.

We also perform background investigations and random drug screening on all of our employees to ensure that our customers receive the most professional technicians available.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We back all of our work with this simple, 100% satisfaction guarantee: If something goes wrong and we can’t make it right, we’ll refund all of your money. No wonder, AAA locksmith Phoenix, AZ (that is us) is in so much demand.

About Us | Advanced Lock Services

The residents and businesses in Phoenix, AZ and all of the surrounding metropolitan cities depend on us to provide the most professional and time-tested advanced lock and key solutions to their security problems. And they have done so for the past 26 years.

So far we have been very reliable and trustworthy. Our clients and customers trust us to deliver an excellent job each time. You can be one of them too.

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