21 Solid Security Measures to Take Before Leaving for Your Summer Vacay

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Summer vacation time and a lot of people will be leaving their homes empty during this period. Burglars know that. So this article is for you, so you can know what security measures to take before leaving for your vacay. This way you won’t leave your home unguarded.

Make sure you go through this list before you go!


1. Take pictures of your belongings

With a phone, it only takes a few minutes. But in case of theft, these photos will be very important to present and justify your belongings to the insurance company, to remind you of makes and models, etc.

2. Suspend newspaper delivery

Because a pile of newspapers left in front of the door, wet from the rain, it looks a lot like an invitation for thieves!

3. Notify a neighbor

It’s always good to ask a trusted neighbor to take a look at your house or apartment. Inform them of the date of your return and of what will happen during your absence; for example, someone will come regularly to take care of the cat, etc.

4. Close blinds and curtains

This will minimize heat build-up in the home.

5. Find someone to come from time to time

This person can for example feed the goldfish, water the plants, make sure everything is fine, etc.

6. Do the washing and dishes

It is important to make sure that no laundry stays wet in the washer and that no dirty dishes remain in the dishwasher.

7. Clean the fridge

Depending on the length of your vacation, it is best not to leave perishable items in the fridge.

8. Water the plants

If no one can come and water them during your stay, you must water all the plants beforehand! An effective trick when leaving for more than a week: assemble them in the bathtub with a background of water.

9. Take care of the lawn

It is best to mow it before you leave, so that it does not grow too much while you are away. If it is prolonged, hire someone to come and mow it at regular intervals.

10. Close windows and lock doors

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook a small window in a less used room! The same goes for a door that is seldom used, for example, the one that leads to the garage.

11. Take out the trash

And if possible, ask a trusted neighbor to take them to the path on pickup day.

12. Turn off / unplug computer and other large electronic devices

This not only saves energy but also protects your home in the event of an electrical storm and/or power failure. The risk is quite low, but it is still present. And then, it only takes a few seconds to do it!

13. Pay the bills

If some bills are due during the holidays and you don’t have an automatic payment scheduled, pay the balance before you leave.

14. Turn off the air conditioning

This is a considerable energy saving!

15. Take care of the swimming pool

If you have a pool, turn off the heat pump. Also treat the water with extended life chlorine tablets.

16. Shut off the water supply

It may sound extreme, and yes, plumbing problems tend to occur in winter. That said, you can never be too careful!

17. Obtain a timer

It’s a simple, but very effective trick: installing a timer that turns a few lights on and off at different intervals makes the house or apartment appear to be inhabited.

18. Sprinkle baking soda in drains and the toilet

Not only does this clean and deodorize, it also prevents foul odors when you return.

19. Walk around the pantry

Make sure all food is properly sealed and they are in sealed containers. Otherwise, it could be that of little visitors will pay trafficking during your absence!

20. Wash sheets

It may seem futile to do it before departure, with everything there is to prepare… But what a joy to come back in clean sheets after the holidays!

21. Ensure the locks are working

According to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US. That adds up to more than two burglaries every minute and over 3,300 burglaries per day.


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