10 Smart Ways to Secure Your Home from Thieves

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Infractions and burglaries increase during the holidays, especially during the summer period. To protect your house and live peacefully, there are various devices you can use. It is necessary to assess if these devices are suitable for you.

Protect your home from thieves

First you have to know how thieves do it. A short period of time (about two minutes) is enough for them to enter the home with coveted riches (console, computer toys, money, Hi-Fi and video devices), either by hooking the door or by tearing it out.

This is why it is important to make your home as inaccessible as possible and not to display your wealth, especially when you are away. For example, store your cars in the garage, cover your swimming pool, bring in your garden furniture, etc.


Adopt a high-performance security system to secure your home

Adopting a high-performance security system (alarms, surveillance cameras, applications, etc.) makes it possible to avoid theft and to discourage burglars with little experience, who will prefer to turn to homes that are not very secure and whose occupants are less careful.

But other solutions, cheaper and easy to install, also make it possible to reinforce the security of your home. To find out more, follow our advice to avoid any mishap that could ruin your vacation.

10 Things to Do to Secure Your Home from House Burglars and Thieves

1. Install a Burglar-proof Door

Install a burglar-proof door capable of withstanding an intrusion attempt for 5 minutes. It will deter burglars. In so-called risk areas, mechanical protections are added to the mechanism. Regarding the lock, its resistance is classified into three levels, from less efficient to more efficient, AP1 to AP3. an A2P certified model is required.

The price for this type of door guarantees anti-hooking and anti-drilling. Count from $800 – $2000. You can even line your door with a steel plate for an additional $400. But the most reassuring solution is of course the shielding costing around $4000.

2. Make Your Windows Impossible to Break

For greater peace of mind, equip your windows on the ground floor with metal defenses. Count $150 per window for this type of intervention. For even more aesthetics, prefer shielding ($3000 euros for an armored window).

3. Install Rolling Shutters

To reduce the risks as much as possible, consider installing roller shutters. The new models are equipped with anti-tear systems or blockers.

4. Install an Alarm System

Use an alarm! Daitem, Delta Dore, Somdy offer basic kit systems costing around $300. You can also choose a template that alerts authorities in the event of a problem.


Smartphones allow you to stay connected with your alarms and home devices in your absence (bulbs, shutters) which will simulate a presence. When movement is detected, you receive an alert via SMS. Different operators are present in this market (orange, SFR, etc.). Expect to pay up to $2000 for this high-tech installation.

5. Simulate Your Presence in the House

A house plunged in darkness betrays the absence of its owner, which can attract burglars. This way, you can install a daily timer that turns on the lights or the television at set times. Thus, you give the impression of a presence in the house.

6. Choose High-quality Locks

In order to prevent a burglar, one must choose quality locks. You can install locks on your shutters and have the locks reinforced by a locksmith. Also, place motion detector lights in front of the entrance, the thief will not force a door in full light.

7. Install a Safe to Store Valuables

To hide your valuables and jewelry, you can choose a built-in safe that hides easily.

8. Collect Your Mail

If you leave your mail piling up in the mailbox until it overflows, you may catch the eye of burglars. So you can ask a neighbor to pick up your mail or have it forwarded to your vacation spot.

9. Call on Your Neighbors

If you are going on vacation, it may be useful to ask neighbors or relatives to open the shutters and turn on the light occasionally. Ideal for hiding your absence as much as possible.

10. Install Cameras in and around Your House

Installing cameras is highly recommended if you will be away for a long time. This makes it possible to remotely control what is happening at home, either through a self-monitoring system or by a remote monitoring device.